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        Into The Voyage Issue 46

        The Third Edition of Lightscape at the L.A. County Arboretum

        As the night falls over the sprawling grounds of the L.A. County Arboretum, a magical transformation unfolds. The third edition of Lightscape, an annual event that has captivated visitors with its radiant beauty, returns with a renewed splendor. This year’s Lightscape is not just a repetition of its predecessors; it’s a reimagined journey of light, art, and nature.

        Spanning approximately a mile, the pathway of Lightscape takes visitors through a mesmerizing landscape. Uplit trees cast a warm, inviting glow, creating a dreamscape that feels both ethereal and grounding. These illuminated giants stand as silent sentinels, guiding the way through the night.

        What makes this year’s event stand out is the thoughtful reconfiguration of the route. Each twist and turn reveals a new spectacle, ensuring that even those who have attended Lightscape before will find themselves in awe of the fresh wonders that await. The majority of the installations are new, each crafted with an artistic finesse that intertwines light, color, and the natural surroundings.

        One of the highlights is the return of the much-loved fire garden, an iteration that harkens back to the inaugural Lightscape in Arcadia. This fiery spectacle juxtaposes the cool serenity of the night with the primal intensity of flames, creating a dance of light and shadow that captivates the senses.

        As visitors meander through this luminous landscape, they encounter a variety of installations. Some are interactive, inviting playful engagement, while others are contemplative, offering a moment of tranquility and reflection. From dazzling light tunnels that transport you to a starlit realm to whimsical displays that ignite the imagination, Lightscape is an immersive experience that transcends a mere walk in the park.

        The event also underscores the Arboretum’s commitment to creativity and community engagement. By offering a majority of new stops along the route, Lightscape ensures that each visit is unique and memorable. This approach keeps the experience fresh and exciting, drawing visitors back year after year.

        Lightscape at the L.A. County Arboretum is more than just a display of lights; it’s a celebration of art, nature, and the human spirit’s capacity for wonder. As the lights shimmer and the night whispers with the rustle of leaves, one can’t help but feel a sense of connection – to the environment, to art, and to the shared human experience of awe and beauty.

        R.E.M.: Trailblazers of Alternative Rock

        R.E.M., formed in Athens, Georgia in 1980, stands as a pivotal force in alternative rock. The band, consisting of drummer Bill Berry, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist/backing vocalist Mike Mills, and lead vocalist Michael Stipe, brought a unique sound that defined a genre.

        Emerging from Athens’ thriving music scene, R.E.M. quickly distinguished themselves with their debut EP “Chronic Town” and the acclaimed album “Murmur.” Their music, marked by Buck’s jangly guitar, Berry’s rhythmic drums, Mills’ melodic bass, and Stipe’s poetic lyrics, resonated with a growing audience tired of mainstream rock.

        R.E.M.’s influence extended beyond their sound, embodying an anti-establishment ethos that appealed to a generation seeking authenticity in rock music. Their breakout album, “Out of Time,” and its hit single “Losing My Religion,” catapulted them to international fame, yet they maintained their distinctive musical identity.

        The band’s journey from college rock pioneers to global icons was marked by continuous evolution and artistic integrity. Despite Berry’s departure in 1997 and their eventual disbandment in 2011, R.E.M.’s legacy endures, cementing their status as architects of alternative rock.

        For The Record: Love Actually Live” – A Festive Stage Celebration

        As the holiday season approaches, the air fills with a festive spirit, palpable in every corner. Embodying this yuletide joy is “For The Record: Love Actually Live,” a stage show that brings to life the cherished holiday movie, Love Actually.

        This production, presented by For The Record, is more than just a theatrical performance; it’s a vibrant homage to the film that has become synonymous with the holiday season for many. The stage show captures the essence of the movie’s interwoven tales of love, laughter, and the complexities of relationships, set against the backdrop of Christmas in London.

        The cast of Love Actually Live takes audiences on a heartwarming journey, echoing the film’s famous line, “We feel it in our fingers, we feel it in our toes: Christmas is all around.” This isn’t just a recitation of the film’s plot; it’s an immersive experience that blends live music, theatre, and the magic of cinema.

        Each performance is an invitation to relive the film’s memorable moments, from the awkwardness of new love to the poignancy of unrequited feelings. The show resonates with those familiar with the movie and captivates newcomers, making it a perfect holiday outing for all.

        “For The Record: Love Actually Live” is more than a tribute; it’s a celebration of the enduring power of love and the joyous spirit of the holiday season. It’s an opportunity to laugh, cry, and feel the festive warmth that only this time of year can bring.


        Alta: Redefining Soul Food with a Californian Twist

        Nestled in Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood, Alta, led by James Beard-nominated Chef Keith Corbin, is more than just a restaurant. It’s a fusion of Southern soul food traditions and Californian innovation. Chef Corbin, drawing from his Watts heritage, transforms soul food with health-conscious California ingredients, offering a unique culinary narrative.

        At Alta, traditional dishes like oxtails over rice receive a modern makeover. Corbin’s technique of braising oxtails in a miso and soy-infused liquid introduces an Asian twist, enhancing the meat’s robust flavor. Vegetarian dishes like smoked tofu with spicy tartare sauce and vegan California gumbo showcase the diversity and creativity of Corbin’s menu, appealing to a wide range of palates.

        The menu reflects a balance between the familiar and the novel. Classics like deviled eggs and black-eyed pea fritters are reimagined, retaining their Southern roots while embracing a contemporary flair. Corbin’s commitment to healthier alternatives is evident in dishes like the almond milk-sweetened yam gratin and smoked oil-seasoned collard greens, widening soul food’s appeal.

        Alta’s warm and inviting atmosphere extends beyond dining, serving as a communal space that reflects the diversity of its patrons. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of Corbin’s innovative approach to soul food.

        In essence, Alta is a celebration of diverse flavors and culinary innovation. It’s a place where tradition meets modernity, where each dish tells a story, and every visit offers a new experience in the evolving landscape of soul food.

        Lake Tahoe: A Haven for Adventure and Relaxation

        Lake Tahoe, a gem straddling California’s laid-back charm and Nevada’s neon glow, is an adventurer’s paradise set against the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, Tahoe is a hub for water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding in summer, while its surrounding trails offer serene hikes and exhilarating mountain biking.

        Beyond outdoor adventures, Tahoe caters to luxury seekers with its elegant resorts and hotels, providing a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. In winter, the region transforms into a snowy retreat, with world-class ski resorts like Squaw Valley and Heavenly drawing ski enthusiasts.

        Tahoe’s unique location offers a diverse experience – tranquil nature exploration in California and vibrant nightlife in Nevada. It’s a destination where every trail leads to discovery, and the natural beauty is matched only by the array of experiences it offers.






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