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        Into The Voyage Issue 50

        As the holiday season unfolds, we at VOYAGE extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones.

        In the spirit of the season, we want to express our gratitude for allowing us to be a part of your real estate journey. Whether you’ve found your dream home or are still on the path to discovery,
        know that we are here to support you every step of the way.

        Here’s to creating lasting memories in your special space. Happy holidays!

        Weekend: L.A. Kings Holiday Ice

        The L.A. Kings Holiday Ice presents an enchanting winter wonderland right in the heart of the city. Imagine gliding over the ice with grace or perhaps with a bit of comedic stumbling, all while surrounded by the sparkling lights of a magnificent Christmas tree that towers at the center of the rink. This isn’t just any tree; it’s a beacon of holiday spirit, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations. As you skate, lift your gaze beyond the rink to the massive screens encompassing the plaza. Here, an LED holiday light show unfolds in a symphony of colors and patterns, dancing across the screens in harmony with the season’s joy.

        From December 18 to 31, this outdoor rink transforms into a hub of holiday cheer open daily from 4 PM to midnight. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or lacing up for the first time, the ice welcomes all to partake in the festive tradition. And when you need a break, the surrounding area is dotted with spots to sip hot cocoa or enjoy a holiday treat, making every moment at the L.A. Kings Holiday Ice a cherished holiday memory.

        For more information and to plan your visit, check out L.A. Kings Holiday Ice.

        Music: Her Eclectic Talents

        The artist in question is a musical chameleon, seamlessly blending genres and eras to create a unique sound experience. Her eclectic talents shine through in every performance, making her an unparalleled force in the music world. Whether she’s spinning tracks in a crowded club or setting the mood at an exclusive party, her ability to read the room and deliver the perfect beat is unmatched.

        Her repertoire spans the energetic beats of afro house, the nostalgia-inducing rhythms of 80s disco, the mind-bending melodies of psychedelic tunes, and the relentless pulse of straight techno. With each transition, she takes her audience on a journey, weaving a tapestry of sound that is both invigorating and soothing. Her selections are more than just music; they are an expression of joy, a celebration of life’s rhythms, and an invitation to dance away your worries. Her performances are not just heard but felt, leaving a lasting impression of fun, positivity, and beautiful rhythm.

        To experience the magic for yourself, tune into BLOND:ISH – Waves.

        Art: A Christmas Story, The Musical

        “A Christmas Story, The Musical” brings to life the beloved 1983 holiday classic film with a warm musical embrace. The stage adaptation is a nostalgic trip back to the simpler times of childhood Christmas adventures, complete with the iconic scenes that have etched themselves into the hearts of millions. Audiences will find themselves laughing and groaning in sympathy as the protagonist’s tongue gets hilariously stuck to a frozen flagpole, smiling in amused recognition at the sight of the outlandishly kitschy leg lamp, and shaking their heads at the encounters with a less-than-jolly department-store Santa.

        While some might find the musical’s sentimentality a tad excessive, it’s this very quality that captures the essence of the holiday spirit—over-the-top, heartfelt, and unapologetically joyful. The direction keeps the story moving at a lively pace, ensuring that the show remains engaging and entertaining throughout. It’s an experience that wraps you up in the warm, fuzzy glow of holiday nostalgia, making “A Christmas Story, The Musical” an ideal outing for families and fans of the film.

        For tickets and more information, visit Center Theatre Group.

        Food: Bar Chelou

        Bar Chelou is a culinary gem that defies easy categorization. While its name might evoke a French bistro, the menu reveals a delightful surprise: a fusion of Spanish zest, Californian freshness, and Asian complexity. Chef Doug Rankin, the maestro behind the menu, has a passion for integrating diverse flavors and techniques, creating dishes that are both innovative and deeply satisfying.

        The restaurant takes full advantage of the region’s bountiful produce, incorporating fresh, local ingredients into every dish. The menu is a testament to Rankin’s versatility, featuring an array of options that cater to every palate. Vegetarians and veggie lovers will rejoice at the creative use of greens and roots, while carnivores will be drawn to the succulent bone-in pork chops and the rich flavors of a dry-aged bone-in ribeye.

        Bar Chelou is not just a dining experience; it’s a journey through a world of flavors, all converging in the heart of Pasadena. This establishment has quickly become one of the year’s most talked-about destinations, offering a dining experience that is as unexpected as it is delightful. To reserve your table and discover the taste for yourself, visit Bar Chelou.

        Travel: Seville, Spain

        Seville, Spain, is a city that pulsates with life and color. Its vibrant streets are a mosaic of colorful buildings, each telling a story of the city’s rich history and culture. As you wander, the air is sweetened by the scent of orange trees, a signature of Seville, offering a fragrant reminder of the city’s Moorish past. The charming cafes that dot the landscape invite you to take a moment’s rest, savoring a cup of local coffee or perhaps a traditional Spanish tapa.

        The city is home to the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral, a marvel of architectural grandeur that dominates the skyline. This magnificent structure is not just a feast for the eyes but also a symbol of Seville’s enduring spirit. Beyond the cathedral, the city unfolds in a labyrinth of narrow streets, hidden plazas, and unexpected gardens, each turn revealing new wonders.

        Seville’s allure is not just in its beauty but in its atmosphere. The city is alive with the rhythms of flamenco, the clatter of horse-drawn carriages, and the laughter of its people. It’s a place where history and modernity dance together, creating an experience that is both timeless and thoroughly contemporary. Whether you’re basking in the glow of the sunset over the Guadalquivir River or losing yourself in the ancient alleys of the Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville promises to capture your heart and leave you longing to return.

        Discover more about this enchanting city and plan your visit at The Culture Trip.



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