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        Voyage Icon:  Inaugural Edition – Bernard Arnault

        Voyage Icon:  Inaugural Edition – Bernard Arnault

        We are pleased to present the inaugural edition of Voyage’s “Icon Series”. Each month we will recognize leaders across business, fashion, art, design, film and culture that not only inspire us but also challenge the status quo. These mavens have forged a different path and with it created movements that have shaped society and galvanized a new way of thinking about the world. At Voyage we feel inspired by these luminaries not because of who they are, but because of what they have done to shape culture and challenge us to dream bigger. We feel a deep connection to these individuals as they have inspired us to dream bigger, go further and celebrate the Voyage…

        Crafting the Future with Timeless Elegance: This month we have chosen to celebrate one of the world’s foremost authorities on luxury, Bernard Arnault. Arnault is not only the world’s preeminent caretaker of the world’s most acclaimed luxury house, he is also a modern day trailblazer who continues to effortlessly shape and reimagine what modern luxury means by deftly fusing the worlds of legacy, craftsmanship, and creativity to inspire everything around us. Arnault’s influence can be felt across fashion, leather goods, architecture, design delivering both an air of sophistication and elegance that reaffirm its value to consumers and admirers of all things that are beautiful. Arnault’s personal journey – from championing the art of traditional craftsmanship, to breaking traditional barriers of modern luxury – is something we at Voyage both recognize and applaud. LVMH, the multinational luxury conglomerate which Arnault controls, is more than just a bellwether for the luxury goods industry, it is the personification of enduring quality, opulence and sensibility that inspire all of us here at Voyage. As purveyors of modern luxury we feel compelled to recognize modern day vanguards like Bernard Arnault, whose stories shape how we view the world and inspire us to dream bigger and go further.



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